10 top tips for healthy hair from Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty

Look good and feel great with the help of the expert team of stylists and colourists from Cheltenham's Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty who share their 10 top tips for healthy hair.

Dream of discovering the secrets to healthy, beautiful hair? Wonder no more, as SoGlos has teamed up with the experts at Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty to divulge all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to achieving vibrant locks, no matter what your hair type, style or length.

From moisture-boosting treatments and DIY home remedies, to regular trims to being sun savvy, find out what the team’s hottest hair tips are for keeping locks in tip-top condition.

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1. Book regular cuts

‘It seems like a tale as old as time, but keeping your hair trimmed regularly is absolutely vital for keeping it good condition’, explains style director Luke Davis.

‘Regular cuts ensure you keep the shape of your style, whilst also minimising the risk of breakage by getting rid of any pesky split ends which can weaken the hair fibre. Depending on your hair length, we recommend cuts every four to six weeks to keep your hair looking its best.’

2. Protect your colour

‘It’s no secret that colouring your hair can weaken hair fibres, so protecting it during the colouring process is the best way of ensuring you keep it looking shiny and vibrant’, explains Nadine Nolan, colour specialist.

‘We highly recommend L’Oréal Smartbond to all of our colour clients for this very reason. It’s an innovative treatment that’s simply added to your usual colour before application, working to strengthen your hair bonds to protect them during the colouring process. You can then continue to protect your hair with the Smartbond take-home conditioner, keeping your colour rich, your blonde bright and your hair happy.’

3. Treat yourself

‘Deep-conditioning treatments are a great way of giving your hair much-needed moisture, locking in shine and protecting it against breakage’, explains Laura Leigh, owner and creative director.

‘Having a treatment every three weeks or so will really help to keep your hair fibre supple, not only leaving it feeling great, but looking beautiful and healthy, too. We highly recommend the Kérastase Fusio-Duo treatments; super-concentrated moisture injections tailored to your hair type, applied in just 15 minutes here at the salon.’

4. Invest in silk pillows

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‘If you are suffering from breakage, your night-time bed routine could be partly to blame,’ adds Laura. ‘Normal pillows can pull on the hair as you move in your sleep, snagging the hair fibre which can lead to breakage. The natural slippery surface of silk isn’t only lovely to sleep on, but means your hair can glide freely over the pillow as you move, reducing the risk of sleep-induced breakage hugely.’

5. Be careful of heat

‘Hair dryers and styling wands can seriously dry out your locks, leading to breakage and split ends if you don’t protect them properly,’ says assistant manager Jay Manton.

‘This can all be prevented by using the right products before you style, particularly a heat protection spray or cream. I personally love the Kérastase Nectar Thermique cream, a nourishing leave-in milk which adds a veil of protection to the wet hair fibre before drying/styling.

‘It’s so weightless you won’t even feel it in your hair and the formula has the added bonus of smoothing the hair fibre to ensure it looks sleek and supple all day long. Protection and perfection in one!’

6. Avoid the daily wash

‘It can be tempting to wash your hair every morning, but it’s the best thing to avoid if you want your hair to look its healthy best,’ advises style director Sophie Myatt.

‘Washing your hair more often than it needs strips it of the natural oils that keep the fibre supple, leaving it dry and brittle. Instead, choose a great dry shampoo to use in-between washes.

‘I personally recommend the Kérastase Powder Bluff, distributing it evenly to your roots with your fingers and blasting off any excess with a cool hairdryer. Not only will your hair have the chance to retain its natural moisture, but dry shampoos are great for adding a little va-va-voom volume!’

7. Don’t ignore thinning

‘Many women will experience hair thinning or loss at some time in their lives, but it’s not something that should be ignored. Thinning hair can be the sign of a scalp problem or deeper-seated issue, so if you’re losing more hair than normal, come along to the salon where we can conduct a thorough scalp and hair analysis to advise on the best course of treatment available to you,’ explains Laura Leigh.

‘The important thing to remember is that you absolutely don’t have to live with thinning hair or hair loss, with plenty of options to help you regain your hair density. Our Kérastase Densifique range, in particular, is scientifically formulated to combat thinning of the hair fibre to help restore density and volume.

‘We also offer innovative Hair Filler services here in the salon; a fantastic, completely natural-looking way of adding thickness to your hair where you need it the most.’

8. Try DIY remedies

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‘You don’t necessarily have to head to the salon every time to give your locks a moisture-boost. I recommend opening up the kitchen cupboards to create an at-home remedy that works just as well,’ says senior stylist Tom Griffiths.

‘Coconut oil, mashed avocado and olive oil can all make great hair masks; simply apply them to damp hair, wrap in a towel and leave them on your hair for a few hours. The naturally-occurring oils in each give your hair a nice moisture-injection, leaving the hair shaft soft, supple and hydrated; perfect when you’re between salon treatments.’

9. Be sun smart

‘We all remember to protect our skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, but so many of us completely forget about our hair,’ explains style director Ben Colabella.

‘Whenever you’re heading on holiday, remember to pack a sun-protection spray or oil along with your usual suntan lotions. A quick spritz before you hit the beach will protect your hair from absorbing the harmful UV rays which can dry hair out, leaving your locks brittle and colour faded.’

10. Nourish from within

‘It sounds so simple, but one of the best ways to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy is to nourish it from within. A nutrient-packed diet with plenty of healthy fats like oily fish, avocado and seeds will help to keep your hair moisture-packed, ensuring it looks supple, shiny and is ready to combat whatever you throw at it,’ says Laura Leigh.

We teamed up with local health café, Kindness & Co, for this very reason, offering our clients a nutrient-packed in-salon menu of healthy smoothies, salads and treats to enjoy during their appointment. It’s easy really – if you’re healthy inside, you’ll be healthy on the outside too and your hair will certainly show it.’

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Friday 11 August 2017

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