10 ways to achieve a salon finish with Ben Ryan Hair

Make bad hair days a thing of the past and get glorious locks even after you've left the hairdressers with the help of top at-home styling tips from Cheltenham's Ben Ryan Hair.

Lovers of the sleek salon feeling should look no further as the expert team at Cheltenham’s Ben Ryan Hair share insider tips to help give your tresses a professional finish at home.

With over a decade in the industry, Ben Ryan Hair promises a whole host of handy tips in our sponsored hot list of 10 ways to achieve an at-home salon finish, meaning you can wave goodbye to bad hair days!

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1. Choose the right cut

Finding the right haircut to suit your lifestyle is key and it’s important to have a style that works with your schedule. There’s no point in having a cut that requires 45 minutes to style every day when you only have five minutes.

And, don’t forget to book regular trims as they’ll keep your style in shape and your hair looking healthy – making it much more manageable when you’re styling it at home.

2. Keep it clean

Create silky-smooth locks within your washing routine. Ensure you towel dry your hair before conditioning it. A great general all-rounder is the conditioner OI by Davines, which we sell in the salon. It’s always good to speak to your stylist for advice too.

Keep your hair looking glossy and radiant by finishing your hair-washing routine with a cold water rinse, which helps to close the cuticles and create a shiny finish.

3. Dry it right

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Reduce damage to your tresses by towel-drying and combing your hair before blow drying. Squeezing the moisture from the hair rather than rubbing it reduces tangling. A wide-tooth comb is also ideal for this.

Aim to have you hair around 60 to 65 per cent dry before applying any heat from the hairdryer.

4. It’s all in the products

For splendid shine and finish, don’t forget about investing in all-important styling products. And if you only buy one, heat protection is always essential. OI’s All-In-One Milk is an absolute favourite.

It’s key to choose one that works for your hair type so chat to your stylist to find a product that suits, whether you have fine, frizzy, dry or thick locks. And remember not to overload your hair with products either as this can weigh it down.

5. Size matters

For complete control of your hair when drying, the size and type of hairbrush is key to creating the right look. For long and straight hair, a paddle brush is always a good option. A round brush however, is great for creating volume and adding a curl to the hair when drying.

Another great way to create volume in the hair is by using rollers. Adding that extra bit of bounce to the hair without tangling it, rollers are a great way to create height.

6. Dry it down

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For a beautiful blow dry, section the hair and then rough dry it 80 to 85 per cent with a professional dryer.

When drying each section, always remember to blow the air down the shaft of the hair and ensure the dryer follows the brush down the hair, as this will help to combat frizz.

7. Let it shine

For that all-important salon shine, once you’ve styled your hair, flick the hairdryer onto a cool setting, this will seal the cuticles and leave hair looking glossy and smooth.

Always take care when choosing your shampoo too, clarifying shampoos can be great for removing build-up, but try to avoid them if you’re aiming for high shine.

8. Finishing touches

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Stock a great collection of styling products. Always ask your stylist for their input on what is best for your hair type. With a whole host of products, including shine spray to spray wax, there’s something for all hair styles.

By Sophie Bird

© SoGlos
Monday 16 October 2017

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